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We are passionate about helping businesses grow by building innovative and best in class digital solutions for asset finance and asset-related services.


Backed by Germany’s largest leasing company, we provide access to Europe’s most important industry-verticals & champions.

We provide B2B-centric software solutions by developing digital products and investing in exceptional early-stage founders.

  • 01 Asset Life Cycle Management
  • 06 Artificial Intelligence
  • 02 Assets As A Service
  • 05 IoT & Data Analytics
  • 03 Technology Scouting
  • 04 Digital Platform Development

Great ideas, exceptional talent, relentless focus on execution.

Our passion is the digitalization of industries in Germany and building a portfolio of companies focusing on reliable and innovative solutions to relevant problems in the B2B asset industry.

We bring together early stage B2B startups with potential customers while also supporting them with funding and a profound expertise in building data-driven solutions.

We leverage almost 60 years of experience in the leasing business from our parent company Deutsche Leasing AG and combine it with our in-house data science and technical expertise to help your company thrive and succeed.




How we can support you

We support you through our network. We act as a matchmaker between the business areas of our parent company – Deutsche Leasing AG, our partners and our portfolio companies. We establish connections with potential advisors and customers in the leasing business and beyond. The breadth and depth of the leasing business touches upon many aspects of the enterprise value chain. This opens up various opportunities for our portfolio companies and partners.


Venture Capital

We invest for lasting impact

We make seed and Series A investments of up to €1,5m and support our portfolio companies through every stage of their growth. On top of funding your venture we will also support you with industry expertise and hands-on experience from and Deutsche Leasing. Take advantage of nearly 60 years of experience in the leasing business from Germany’s market leader and leverage its connections to potential partners and customers for your own business.


Venture Client

We deliver your business

Win Deutsche Leasing and its partners as your new customers. Pitch your product, attract new customers and create new business. Across our business units and partner network we can provide access to Germany’s “hidden” Champions. Are you interested in securing 6-digit revenues from new business secured through a partnership with

Get in touch!



Customer-Centric Digital Solutions

We develop agile & product-oriented

Our goal is to provide the ultimate customer experience in the areas of asset finance and related services. We do so by using cutting edge-technology and by incorporating modern design principles like design thinking and AB-testing. As such our customers play a central role throughout the whole development process.


Data Empowered Products

In data we believe

With our work in data science, we actively add the term data next to the notorious “Software will eat the world” of Marc Andreessen. Technology has long become a commodity and nowadays it is a company’s data that is driving the disruption. The winners of tomorrow will take advantage of the rich data that is available, using it as an input to drive better predictions and personalization. We actively help our customer become the winners of tomorrow.


Scalable Platform

Demand oriented and cost efficient growth

We harness the power of cloud in order to offer literally limitless power to your business. By designing cloud-native from the conception of the idea until its final implementation, we offer the necessary flexibility to meet sudden and unexpected traffic or demand.


billion Euro

assets under management



distribution network


top tier

OEM Vendor partners


On the one hand our team represents a true 360-degree view of the most pressing challenges companies are facing today. On the other hand we are able to leverage broad experience in execution of best in class digital solutions that help businesses grow. With expertise in venture capital and operational excellence, the benefit we provide goes well beyond money invested.

Dominik Bette
Dominik BetteSenior Data Scientist
Rebecca Mosebach
Rebecca MosebachInnovation Manager
Tatjana Šmigić
Tatjana ŠmigićInnovation Manager
Anastasia Karathanasis
Anastasia KarathanasisData Engineer
Florian Giger
Florian GigerSoftware Engineer
Sven Siering
Sven SieringManaging Director
Georgios Gkekas
Georgios GkekasChief Technology Officer
Falk Leonhardt
Falk LeonhardtSenior Software Engineer
Lisandro Pastinante
Lisandro PastinanteSenior Software Engineer
Grit Harzer
Grit HarzerExecutive Assistant
Anna Antony
Anna AntonyUI/UX Designer
Maximilian Quernheim
Maximilian QuernheimSite Reliability Engineer
Shayna Thompson
Shayna ThompsonSoftware Engineer
Nhut Ajat Hong
Nhut Ajat HongManaging Director
Lena Herstix
Lena HerstixData Scientist
Manish Rana
Manish RanaInvestment Manager
Laura Frey
Laura FreyPR & Communications Manager
Dr. Konstantina Nakoudi
Dr. Konstantina NakoudiData Scientist
Dr. Tobias Enders
Dr. Tobias EndersInnovation Lead
Anna Litz
Anna LitzEmployee Experience
Cihan Akar
Cihan AkarProject and Business Management
Peter Lauerbach
Peter LauerbachHead of Investment
Amin Jaibi
Amin JaibiInvestment Analyst
Dr. Sergei Savin
Dr. Sergei SavinData Scientist
Razvan Tataru
Razvan TataruSite Reliability Engineer
André Hofmann
André HofmannUI- Designer
Bastian Lahrmann
Bastian LahrmannData Scientist
Nouraldeen Alzway
Nouraldeen AlzwaySoftware Engineer
Aaliyah Sena Türer
Aaliyah Sena TürerCommunications
Sebastian Hautkappe
Sebastian HautkappeInnovation Manager
Alexander Claus Povel
Alexander Claus PovelSite Reliability Engineer

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